Don’t Be A Selfish Ding Dong: Charity Water

20 Feb

So why should you care about clean water? You probably waste a few gallons of it every day– like turning on the faucet to rinse a spoon that fell on the ground for, like, two seconds. I thought I was doing my part by just wiping the thing off on my shirt. But, alas, there is more we can do. Check it out:

One Response to “Don’t Be A Selfish Ding Dong: Charity Water”

  1. bluerootblog February 20, 2009 at 4:09 pm #

    This is a great effort for charity. W

    hen it comes to donating money, I think the donations where you actually get something in return are, although not quite as charitable, the most effective ways for charities to raise money. For example, you can buy a charity single by Dec from Ant and Dec for not much, but most of it goes to charity. You get something for your money, and the charities get a little bit of cash too.. Have a look:

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