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The Conversation: Who do you wanna meet?

15 May


So it has been awhile since my latest installment of “The Conversation.” For those of you who have expressed an interest in my revitalizing this, I need to know… who do you wanna meet? Just to recap, “The Conversation” is a series of personal (fake) conversations with celebrities– authors, politicos, pop stars, etc. Past conversations (which are purely made up in my tired brain) have been with J.K. Rowling, Dick Cheney, Tyra Banks, Britney Spears, Barack Obama, Lindsey Lohan and more.

Check them all out here and tell me who I should “talk to” next.

Soul Lab Radio: An interview with early parenting expert Dr. Carrie Contey

14 May

carrie conteyCheck out my interview with early parenting expert Carrie Contey, PhD!

How are parenting and spirituality linked? And how can bringing mindfulness to parenting your own children create a happy, healthy and harmonious home? Carrie Contey PhD received her doctorate from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute in clinical psychology with a specialty in prenatal and perinatal psychology. She is a nationally recognized early parenting coach, consultant, speaker and educator. Her passion is providing parents with the support, information and tools to create conscious, connected and balanced lives in all stages of early parenting from before conception through childhood. Carrie is the co-founder of the Slow Family Movement with Bernadette Noll and currently serves on the board of directors of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). She is also the co-author of “CALMS: A Guide to Soothing Your Baby.”


Puzzling Products: Technibond (r) Medusa Pendant

14 May

So maybe I am totally out of the fashion loop here, but my remote control got strangely stalled tonight when passing by Home Shopping Network (on the way to CNN of course). And there it was… the most god awful piece of fashion jewelry I have ever seen. Three words… Technibond(r) Medusa Pendant. How is it a good idea to put the image of a mythical creature so ugly that it turns people to stone on a gold-ish pendant? What happened to Venus or Athena or even another weird creature like a centaur which doesn’t scream, “hey, run for the hills.” Even a unicorn would be better, though a lady would run the risk of being called out for arrested development. And what sort of outfit would Medusa go with, anyway? A nice little draped Goddess cocktail dress lined with rage and despair?

A good fashion accessory or an invitation to flee?

A good fashion accessory or an invitation to flee?

So what do you think? Is this worth $34.90. Are you willing to take this fashion risk? And of course, a Classics lesson from an HSN host describing the mythology behind Medusa making sure that we know the pendant is a representation of “female rage.” Perfect for that first blind date or divorce negotiations.


Soul Lab Radio: Interview with life coach and author Gail McMeekin

12 May

12 Secrets of Highly Creative WomenDo you want to know more about the power of creativity and how to overcome obstacles like fear, negative self-talk and stress? Listen to my recent interview with author and life coach Gail McMeekin!

Gail McMeekin is a national career and creativity coach as well as a licensed psychotherapist and writer located in Boston. She has over 25 years of experience helping people vision and achieve their personal, professional, and creative goals. She is the author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: A Portable Mentor which sold out its first printing in 8 weeks and a new book The Power of Positive Choices. Her company, Creative Success works with individuals and groups to maximize creative self-expression and positive living. I’ll be talking to Gail about developing and nurturing creativity, and achieving your personal best.

Good Vibes: Happy Mother’s Day Already

9 May

This video celebrating mothers cracked me up so bad, it actually makes me look forward to it! Viva Mama!

Soul Lab Radio: Interview with author John Randolph Price

7 May
abundance-book1Listen to my latest interview on Soul Lab Radio with John Randolph Price. He is an internationally known lecturer and bestselling author of 18 non-fiction books which have sold in the millions. He is a graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in Radio and Television, and later became executive vice president of a Chicago advertising agency and president of a Houston-based agency serving Fortune 500 companies. In 1981, he left the agency business to form, with his wife, Jan, The Quartus Foundation for Spiritual Research, an international non-profit organization. That same year he wrote his first book, The Superbeings. His other titles include Angel Energy, Living a Life of Joy and others published by Ballantine/Random House. Published by Hay House are The Abundance Book, The Alchemist’s Handbook, The Jesus Code, The Meditation Book, Practical Spirituality, The Workbook for Self-Mastery and more. Join me as I ask John about living with an abundance and no limits mindset.

Find Craig Arnold

7 May
Poet and Professor Craig Arnold Missing in Japan Since April 26th - You Can Help

Poet and Professor Craig Arnold Missing in Japan Since April 26th - You Can Help

Craig Arnold is a friend of good friends of mine. About ten years ago, I remember going to a couple of great parties at Craig’s place and even have pictures to prove it. He was living in Austin while teaching at the University of Texas and has the reputation of being a really generous host and friend. A very talented poet and teacher, Craig Arnold has been missing since April 26th in probably the most poetic way he could ever have imagined.

There is a Facebook page dedicated to his search and rescue in Japan, and most major major media outlets have covered the story. This early NPR story sums up Craig’s interest in extreme places, like the volanic island in Japan where is he now lost. There are almost 3000 members of this page now and it is growing every day.

The challenge right now is to keep our representatives and senators involved in securing vital resources to the search for this American man of arts and letters. After all, he was representing the U.S. on an artistic fellowship. Here is what the Facebook page says:


Our dear friend and an exceptionally talented poet, Craig Arnold, has gone missing on the small volcanic island of Kuchino-erabu-shima while on a creative exchange fellowship. An independent expert search and rescue group is on the island looking for Craig until the 9th, but the official search by Japanese authorities has been called off. They believe that military assets would make the search very efficient and effective, and we hope the consulate will move forward with the possibility of engaging local US military/DOD assets in the search at this stage. Please help us contact your local Congressional delegation and encourage them to support the consulate in this effort.


With the assistance of the University of Wyoming, a fund has been established to support the search efforts to find Craig. Even the smallest contribution would be of use. If you would like more information about the fund including specific information about what the fund will be used for at various stages, please see the post on the discussion board. The link directly to the fund is here:

If you have any difficulty using the link or using the paypal system, please refer to the topic on the discussion board here that gives instructions and can help.


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