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Don’t Be a Selfish Ding Dong: Fast for Darfur

28 Apr
Darfur child in refugee camp

Darfur child in refugee camp

I watched Mia Farrow on Larry King Live tonight as she announced her 21-day hunger strike to raise awareness about the situation in Darfur. She is inviting anyone interested in joining the fast to choose a day (or more) to either drink water only, take refugee rations (there are suggested guidelines) or liquids only.

The website,, states “Darfur Fast for Life was created so that you and many more around the world can participate in saying no to the status quo on Darfur. Mia will be blogging here and at Others will join by participating in water-only and/or refugee rations fasts to bring attention to the immediate humanitarian crisis in Darfur created by the expulsion of aid organizations by the government of Sudan. Darfur Fast for Life demands from our leaders around the world to be ambitious and work on creating lasting peace in Sudan and guaranteeing the respect for the human rights of all.”

I signed up for a few scattered days to do rations and liquid fasting.

Don’t Be A Selfish Ding Dong: Charity Water

20 Feb

So why should you care about clean water? You probably waste a few gallons of it every day– like turning on the faucet to rinse a spoon that fell on the ground for, like, two seconds. I thought I was doing my part by just wiping the thing off on my shirt. But, alas, there is more we can do. Check it out:


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