Master of Time

It was noon when you called me. Exactly noon. And that’s all we talked about. How you always manage to call on the hour. But everytime, you just say, “I don’t know. Just thought I’d call.” Suspicious. Do you schedule me, Or have you mastered time? Or am I the only person, Who thinks this […]

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Random Word Generator: New

The tide has come and gone. Again. As ever.  I live four hours from a beach, but I know this is true. It is not new. Neither is this poem. It has been written a thousand trillion times plus one in the minds of sleepy children uncertain whether or not their dreams were real or imagined. […]

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Random Word Generator: Next Step

When you stay back at the house as the storm comes low and near, picture harmonies running through your living room laced in thunder and pride. Feel the hums of nature crawling through your closets and cupboards and loose tiles ready to burst into clouds of color and light when you realize there is nothing […]

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The Only Waltz

The only waltz Worth a listen Are the ones That are played After the party Is finally over   The only waltz That brings tears Makes me walk Down the hole In my heart   The only waltz I could learn Is on strings, With my voice, Twinkling and sighs   The only waltz Fit for dancing […]

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