The Conversation: Tyra Banks

  Ring…. ring… ring… ring… ring (stop) Ring… ring… ring… ring… ring (stop) Ring… ring… ring… ring… ring (stop) Husband to me: For the love of God, answer the phone. She will call until you do. Me to husband: Fine. Ring… ring… Me: Hello? Tyra: HEY GIRL!!! I have been tryin’ to call you! Were […]

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Happy Birthday, Tenacious B

December 15, 2006. That was the day that Benjamin came into this world, and our lives would never be the same. He turned one today (well, yesterday- but I’m still up) and his birthday party was a smashing success! Balloons, cake, family, toys, Christmas lights. We wanted to keep it small… just family and neighbors who Ben […]

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The Conversation: Britney Spears

  (I’m Not That Innocent… ringtone) Me: Hello? Britney Spears: Hey, girl! Wassup? Where you at? Me: Britney? BS: Duh… wait. Hold on. (inaudible scuffle followed by) That’s right you fat cow, you better run! Or I swear to god… Me: Britney! BS: Oh hey Jen! You need somethin’? What’s up? Me: You called me? […]

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My Christmas Un-Wish List

Here are a list of things not to get me for Christmas or any other gift-giving occasion: 1) My Own Star with a map showing me where to find it and a certificate telling me there’s a star out there named “Jennifer.” I don’t have time and I don’t have a telescope. (This is not […]

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