Making Up for Lost Time


To the people who actually read this blog:

I’m sorry I’ve been so lame in providing interesting and entertaining entries lately. My household has just emerged from a month-long battle with the plague and now we’re feeling pretty damn good. Over the weekend, Tenancious B spent Saturday night with Mimi and PawPaw (not their real names) and Fritz and I decided to basically kick the crap out of Stress and Sickness. So how did I spend my Saturday? First, I had to fight, and I mean fight hard, the urge to clean my bedroom closet and organize the garage for a garage sale. Instead, I went for coffee and read my Entertainment Weekly… for HALF AN HOUR. Then I went to get my eyebrows waxed (which was not an act of relaxation, but more an act of self care). Then I made my to Borders to see if I could find a copy of Austin Woman Magazine in which my article, “Exposing Silent Racism: What Well-Meaning White People Need to Know” just came out. I really had a fascinating discussion with Dr. Barbara Trepagnier who wrote the book. She says that it’s not a matter of whether or not you are racist but, rather, to what extent. Very interesting.

Speaking of interesting, during my trip to Borders, I met an author who was doing a booksigning and basically just telling people what his book and his revolutionary political movement was about. His name was Tim Cox and he wrote a book called Goooh! (Get Out Of Our House) which is pronounced “go.” Anyway, here’s what the website says:

It is a NON-PARTISAN plan to evict the 435 career politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives and replace them with everyday Americans just like you.

GOOOH enables you to do four things you can’t do today:

1) Run for Congress without raising millions of dollars
2) Truly participate in the selection of your Congressman
3) Replace career politicians with true representatives
4) Eliminate the influence of special interest groups in the election process

So of course the first question I asked was “Well, I think a big reason some people don’t run for office (even on a small local scale) is just because we all pretty much have some skeletons in our closet, you know? But according to Tim, if you go by Goooh rules, you have a free pass for anything you did before your 25th birthday. Good news! Well, actually, not for me… but good news for lots of other people! Yeah!

The concept is far-fetched, but so darn American. Makes me want to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. And Tim’s no dummy. He’s the guy that invented credit card machines at the gas pump. So I really hope it works, and give him big props for starting a revolution. Go Tim.

After seeing my byline and talking to Tim, I splurged on a hazelnut gelato, got a 15 minute chair massage and then went to a Restorative Yoga class. Aaaaahhhhh. It’s basically just guided napping, and it felt so, so good. After that, I was completely blissed out and also excited that my husband had asked me to go on an actual date. I went home, got ready and we went to Alamo Drafthouse and saw Juno which my fabulous neighbors highly recommended. It was fantastic. Like Fritz said, there is just something to be said for flowy, smart, snarky dialogue delivered by really talented actors. I’m not going to do a whole review here (because that would be work) but I will say that there was a scene between the main character, Juno, and her Dad that summed it all up. He said something to the effect of– sure, you can love someone forever and be together… you just have to find someone who will love you for exactly who you are– not what you want he/she to be. This is the challenge in relationships and in marriage. When you’re with someone day in and day out for years and years, it’s almost impossible to not want to change that person to fit your needs or what you think that person should be. I saw two 16-year olds playing guitar together and being hopelessly in love (in the movie) and it looked and felt so much like me and Fritz when we first met. Just young, carefree and with simple dreams. We are still those people and much better in some ways. Juno made me feel good.

So that was my Saturday. I did not get one practical thing done. And that’s fine by me. And Tenacious B? He came home with a tattoo and a sinister look in his eye, but other than that…


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