Writer’s Flood

So the reason I have been so remiss in posting is simply because work has been very hectic, which is good. But the reality of writing this book is really kicking in for me. I signed up with my friend Sonya for the TX Writers League Agents and Editors Conference here in Austin in June and I am both thrilled and horrified. I feel like my synopsis is pretty good, and my first chapters read quite well. But now I actually have to get some serious character work done and finish the outline for the next two books of the trilogy so I’ll have something solid for an agent to look at. I think I might also dust off an old screenplay and make that into a novel as well, though certainly not in time for this conference. I have a lot of ideas, but nothing in ready to read shape. That said, I have put myself on hiatus from writing for my beloved e-zine Shuffleboil until after the conference. That is, however, after I finish the two final episodes of “Pop Candy.” And this blog will only be populated maybe once or twice a month, probably. I’m trying to get rid of writing distractions and this is sort of my way of doing that. I think I will still try to regularly post my business blog at www.hooplamedia.wordpress.com because it’s more less part of my job. But other than that, I’m saying “adios” to a lot of other writing for the moment.

Oh, but I have to say that I just say “The Last Mimzy” and I really loved it. Check it out.


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