Rest in Peace, Sweet Felix


Our sweet puppy of seven years died peacefully in the arms of his Dad last night. He had a very short battle due to complications with his liver and gall bladder.

We adopted Felix from the Town Lake Animal Shelter on October 15, 2001. There was a clerical error and due to his delicate condition (he had heartworms), he was supposed to have been euthanized a week before we met him. He picked us as his family and we spent many years enjoying his laid back, fun, sweet, joyful disposition. Even at about 14 years old (we’re guessing), he still had a youthful glow, and a winning smile. People were always so pleased to meet him and often asked “what is he?” We liked to say that he was a couture dog– one-of-a-kind because he was a golden retriever, basset hound mix (we think). He had short legs (like his Mom and Dad) and he was the perfect little hobbit dog.

Felix was the ringbearer for our wedding and in many ways brought us closer together as a family evenĀ before we had Ben. When Ben arrived, Felix was patient and calm and was very tolerant of this new, bright and shining energy in the house. He was always sweet to Ben, and did not mind taking a little bit of a back seat. He never complained… even about his cat sister Sophie whom we suspect he loved very much.

Felix was our little canine soulmate, and his loss will be profoundly felt in our household. But we are forever grateful that we were so blessed to have connected with him. We encourage anyone who is thinking about saving an animal to please consider adoption from a shelter or rescue organization. There is so much love and life to be shared.



  1. I am so sorry for your loss, I can begin to imagine the void in your home right now. It is gret that Felix got to live seven good years that were filled with love and happiness. Every dog should have a family like yours.

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