Today I feel giddy with anticipation and a true hope for the future of our country and for the world. Realistically, I know that Barack Obama is just one man. I know that his place in the world is powerfully symbolic and that he can not work 24 hours a day to make all of our hopes and dreams come true. Yes, he is just a man. But he has the eyes of the hopeful and the intentions of millions of people fueling his will to succeed. He is world’s object of attention and with only that he has the ability to create immediate and lasting change.

Michelle Obama was interviewed this week and she talked about the pull to fall into the “old political ways” of pettiness, disillusion and fear and how that needs to be kept in check at all times. Further, I think that one of the missions of the Obama administration will be to forge a new paradigm for how positive change, inclusion and personal responsibility can lead us to a more unified, stable, peaceful and prosperous future not just for us, but for all humankind. Each person on Earth has a birthright to experience opportunity and the joy and the abundance of feeling that their lives have purpose and meaning.

Today, I will be glued to our TV with a two year-old who will always know positively that anything is possible.


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