Puzzling Products: Technibond (r) Medusa Pendant

So maybe I am totally out of the fashion loop here, but my remote control got strangely stalled tonight when passing by Home Shopping Network (on the way to CNN of course). And there it was… the most god awful piece of fashion jewelry I have ever seen. Three words… Technibond(r) Medusa Pendant. How is it a good idea to put the image of a mythical creature so ugly that it turns people to stone on a gold-ish pendant? What happened to Venus or Athena or even another weird creature like a centaur which doesn’t scream, “hey, run for the hills.” Even a unicorn would be better, though a lady would run the risk of being called out for arrested development. And what sort of outfit would Medusa go with, anyway? A nice little draped Goddess cocktail dress lined with rage and despair?

A good fashion accessory or an invitation to flee?
A good fashion accessory or an invitation to flee?

So what do you think? Is this worth $34.90. Are you willing to take this fashion risk? And of course, a Classics lesson from an HSN host describing the mythology behind Medusa making sure that we know the pendant is a representation of “female rage.” Perfect for that first blind date or divorce negotiations.



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