Everyday Choose Love. Choose Light.

Today was a great day. We were with our lovely neighbors at the lake early this morning enjoying the cool water, the nibbling fish and the joy of a young child discovering a remote cove for the first time. We snacked on cherries and crackers and basked in the beauty of the rolling Texas Hill Country. By 1 p.m., we were back in our comfortable, safe and air conditioned home with a happy, sleepy little boy nestled into a dark little room for a summer afternoon nap cuddled up with a Very Hungry Caterpillar doll. He woke up all smiles and light, and I know that there is no amount of money on earth that could come close to how rich I felt today with my family and friends.

So I thought about this song by The Submarines. And though it always reminds me of those pesky iPhone commercials, independently of that it’s such a great song about living life with a full heart and how that keeps us present and alive.

“Here we are in the center of the first world. It’s laid out for us. Who are we to break down? Everyday we wake up. We choose love. We choose light. And we try, it’s too easy just to fall apart.”


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