Soul Lab Radio: Interview with Chris Vogler, “The Writer’s Journey

Just had a great interview with story consultant, author and mythology expert Chris Vogler on Soul Lab Radio. What an interesting guy. Chris Vogler has worked for Disney Studios, Fox 2000 Pictures and Warner Bros. in the development department. He has also taught in the USC School of Cinema-Television, Division of Animation and Digital Arts […]

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Harshing My Mellow

Yesterday I had a very rare day “off” meaning that my son was living it up with the grandparents, husband had to work and I have myself a nice break. Whenever I have a few free hours, I love to catch a movie and yesterday it was Slumdog Millionaire. About halfway into it, I developed […]

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Christmastime is here…

Stuff that needs to happen before the 25th: 1) Trail of Lights and Zilker Christmas Tree Lighting 2) Elf 3) Make homemade pasta sauce and cookies for presents 4) Christmas portrait with family 5) Ben’s birthday party 6) Order and mail Christmas cards 7) Charlie Brown Christmas 8) Wrap presents 9) Trick out Santa’s gift […]

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The Conversation: Lindsay Lohan

Ring… Ring… Me: What the @!&*… what the hell time is it… Ring… Ring… Me: 3:30 in the freaking morning.. who is calling at… Husband: Caller ID says it’s Lohan. Whaddya want me to do? Me: Arrrghhhh…. I’ll take it in the office. Husband: OK, but tell her that real people need real sleep and… […]

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