Pop Candy – Episode 3

The only things that had really ever changed in Alex’s room were the color of the walls which had gotten darker over the years like dried blood, his posters and a black computer desk he had stolen from the neighbor’s bulk garbage pickup five years earlier. He had meticulously steam cleaned the exterior and used […]

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Regular Shuffleboil Blogger

  For those of you who have not checked out Shuffleboil yet, shame on you. I am so very proud of my friend and writing colleague John Mitchell who started this wonderful ezine last year. It is full of some of the most intriguing content I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve learned about graphic […]

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The Conversation: Britney Spears

  (I’m Not That Innocent… ringtone) Me: Hello? Britney Spears: Hey, girl! Wassup? Where you at? Me: Britney? BS: Duh… wait. Hold on. (inaudible scuffle followed by) That’s right you fat cow, you better run! Or I swear to god… Me: Britney! BS: Oh hey Jen! You need somethin’? What’s up? Me: You called me? […]

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