Random Word Generator: New

The tide has come and gone. Again. As ever.  I live four hours from a beach, but I know this is true. It is not new. Neither is this poem. It has been written a thousand trillion times plus one in the minds of sleepy children uncertain whether or not their dreams were real or imagined. […]

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Random Word Generator: Next Step

When you stay back at the house as the storm comes low and near, picture harmonies running through your living room laced in thunder and pride. Feel the hums of nature crawling through your closets and cupboards and loose tiles ready to burst into clouds of color and light when you realize there is nothing […]

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Random Word Generator: My Muse

Several years ago, I think it was in college, I got into an exercise where I would ask someone to give me five random words. I would say “location” or “song title” or “emotion” or whatever seemed to pop into my head at the time. Sometimes I was suprised by the words my friends would […]

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